Poetry: Please Pass the Sweet Milk

Dean Bonner
Nov 8, 2021


Please Pass the Sweet Milk
2021, Dean Bonner

Unpasteurized, no need to parboil
To suit my idea of purity
Or give predictable consistency

Unhomogenized — no need to separate
The cream that gives flavor

One-dimensional, two…three…more?
Not for me to decide
How many dimensions or universes
They should be, or traverse

Or to check their speed as they grumble, fumble
Through space-time and other folds I
Cannot comprehend in their movements

Erudite, ribald, brilliant, silly, or
Sometimes crude

They can be one after another
Or all at once, as can their works

I will befriend, cuddle, curdle with
The Raw Milk People

I choose my risk if they turn my stomach
Give me The Shits
Or change — into tart buttermilk
Or sharp cheese

Spare me the bland
Save me from the One Percent




Dean Bonner

Author, humorist, community builder, telegrapher, gold prospector. Making my corner of the world a better place. People matter.